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ISO 27001

Let certified experts guide you through an internal ISO 27001 audit and implementation of your ISMS. Protect your data, personal data and trade secrets.



What is ISO 27001? 


The ISO 27001 standard is an internationally recognized standard in the field ofinformation security. The ISO 27001 standard describes how you, as an organization, can organize information security in a process-based manner in your company.

Why is ISO 27001 standard necessary?


Information and knowledge are one of the most important assets for many companies. That is why it is necessary to properly secure that data. The ISO27001 standard is internationally regarded as thequality certificateto demonstrate that a company takes adequate security measures to protect data.

International importance of ISO 27001


ISO 27001 is oneglobally recognized standard. It is also currently the fastest growing standard. This is partly because many (foreign) companies require this standard from their service providers such as cloud software. 


A company that attaches importance to opportunities abroad or ainternational expansionit is therefore a good idea to get certified. 

In 2022, the ISO27001 standard was revised, resulting in theISO27002 standard. This is an extension to the ISO27001 standard. Inthis blog postfrom Mr.Franklin you can read all about the new ISO27002 standard.

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By obtaining aISO 27001 certificationcan you demonstrate that your company meets all requirements of the most recent version of ISO standards. The ISO certification also provides proof that appropriate measures have been taken againstinformation security risks. Setting up a strong information security that meets the recognized standards has apositive impact on the imageof the enterprise.

What are the benefits of ISO 27001? 


The international standard ISO 27001 has both external and internal benefits:



External benefits


ISO 27001 certification is increasingly required by companies from their service providers. In both B2B and B2C contexts, a continuousimprovementof information security. After all, (potential) customers want to avoid thatconfidential informationthat they make available to the service provider ends up on the street. Therefore, they demand certain guarantees for protection.


It is an ISO 27001 certificateobjective and independentproof with which you as an organization demonstrate that you are seriously and structurally engaged in information security. In this way you provide (potential) customers with certainty about the security of the confidential information. 


When you are in possession of an ISO 27001 certificate, you are not only strengthening ittrustwith your customers, but also your image. A certification therefore offers a lotcommercial opportunities: you distinguish yourself from the competition and keep your customers satisfied.

Internal benefits


Of course, obtaining an ISO 27001 certification is also a big deal, especially internallyadded valuefor an enterprise. It provides a professional and structured approach in terms ofdata protection. After the ISO 27001 certification, you as an entrepreneur can be sure that data protection has been tightened. 

Moreover, with an ISO 27001 certificate you largely meet the relevant requirementslegal normsin the field of information security. Finally, you reduce the risk of data leaks, which also reduces the risk of image damage.

What does certification entail?


ISO certificates are issued by aindependent certification body. The certificate that your company obtains consists of athree-year cycle. This means that the company will be certified for three years. When this period has expired, the company must be re-certified by an independent party. 


Keep in mind that during this three-year cycle aannualauditwill be performed to check whether you always meet the ISO standards. 

How long does ISO 27001 certification take? 


It is very difficult to draw up a precise schedule in advance that correctly indicates how long it will take to implement the ISO 27001 standard. The speed of implementation of the ISO 27001 standard is namelydepending on several factors:

Current state and structure of information security


If you, as a company, have already paid a lot of attention to information security, as well as to internal measures, procedures and policies, then it worksISO 27001 trajectorynaturally faster. 


On the other hand, a company that has to start from scratch will logically take longer to obtain ISO 27001 certification than a company that already meets certain requirements. Also the resources that can be released within a company, includingavailable working hours, play a major role in this. A company that has to travel a longer distance to reach the ISO standards will also have to invest more time. Usually they also have to familiarize themselves with all the information about the ISO standards.


In addition, it also makes a difference if there is alreadyother ISO standards, such as the ISO 9001 standard or a GDPR policy have been implemented within your organization on which you can then build further. In short, the more there is already, the faster the ISO 27001 process can be completed.

Indication of lead time


Based on our experience, we at Mr. Franklin oneindicationgiving the lead time. For an ISO 27001 certification process, aminimum lead timefor 5 to 6 months. For larger organizations this can take up to 12 months. We also assist many companies that wish to spread the implementation cost over several years and then set acustom calendaron. This is definitely useful since you are alwaysauditswho can check whether you meet the ISO standards.

​Why choose guidance from Mr. Franklin?


mr. Franklin is one of the few Belgian firms that guides companies in the context of ISO 27001 certification. We are happy to assist you with advice and deed, both in the implementation of theinternal auditsas for theimplementationfrom theISMS.​ 


If you have any questions about what ISO 27001 can mean for your company and how we can support you in this, you can arrange a free introductory meeting with ourconsultants books. We will immediately give you initial advice on the ISO 27001 implementation for your company!

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Why isISO27001 complianceimportant?

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Do you want to get started with improving information security within your organization or implement the ISO 27001 standard? Then Mister Franklin is the ideal partner.

What is an ISMS? 


ISMS stands for Information Security Management System, or aninformation security management system. An ISMS is in line with the policy and strategy of a company and must be integrated within the current processes.

Why is ISMS necessary?


The management system is a continuous oneimprovement processusing a systematic approach to manage data. The purpose of this Information Security Management System is not only to improve information security: a management system also helps to better manage the information that is handled in the company.

​What does ISMS consist of?


An ISMS consists of a complete set of controls, processes and procedures related to information security to ensure availability, integrity andconfidentialityof data that moves within a company. Thismanagement systemcontains controls with which you make the risks arising from the risk analysis and related to people, processes and systems manageable.

What is the relationship between ISO 27001 and the GDPR? 


​GDPR legislation


GDPR standards are based on theGeneral Data Protection Regulation (AVG), a regulation of European law that has been in force since 2018. TheGDPRrequirements regarding protection of thepersonal dataconstitute a legal obligation. This is not the case with an ISO 27001 certification.

ISO 27001


ISO 27001 is the standard for thisinformation security, while the GDPR has the protection of personal data in mind. Privacy and information security obviously go hand in hand, but there are differences.

ISO certificate vs. GDPR standard requirements


ISO 27001 is an excellent way to get thesafetyof knowledge and information and is a great help in formatting oneDPIAwithin your company. It is not the case that if you are ISO 27001 certified, you automatically comply with the GDPR. 


An ISMS is a good start to also comply with the GDPR, for example by introducing a Privacy Information Management System in accordance with ISO 27001. 

mr. Franklin: your ISO 27001 expert


It is often difficult for a company to arrange everything independently for an ISO certificate. Especially when you have to start from scratch, it becomes quite a chore to learn what to do. Hire an expert like Mr. Franklin to prepare your company for an ISO 27001 certificate.

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