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Your ISO 27001 auditor: Mr. Franklin

In our digital age, many companies and customers value the security of their data. The more certain people are that your data protection is on point, howmore trustyour company will obtain from the (potential) business partners. The implementation of an internationally recognized information security standard can therefore be a smart investment. TheISO 27001auditor of mr. Franklin is happy to help you on your way to optimal data protection within your company.


What is ISO 27001?


The ISO 27001 standard is an internationally recognized standard in the field ofinformation security. The ISO 27001 standard describes how you, as an organization, can organize information security in a process-based manner in your company. This standard helps a company to draw up the ISMS rules and information security policy.


If a company meets this international standard, this company can obtain an ISO-27001certificateto gain. ISO 27001 certification shows that you, as a company, take high-quality security measures to protect information. Read more about the ISO 27001 standardthis blog post from Mr. Franklin.

Information Security Management System


Information Security Management System(ISMS), or information security management system, is a continuousimprovement processusing a systematic approach to manage data. The purpose of an Information Security Management System is to improve information management and security. 


Each Information Security Management System consists of specific control measures and procedures. These processes and measures are necessary to control the availability, integrity and confidentiality of data within the company. Based on the obtained risk analysis, you can make the information security risks related to people and systems manageable.

Internal audit


The purpose of an internal audit is to obtaininformationabout the management systems implemented within the company. More specifically, one examines whetherthe current ISMSis and can remain effective, whether it functions in accordance with the ISO 27001 standard, whether it meets the requirements of the company, etc. 


An internal audit is a necessary step of theISO 27001 implementation. After the successful completion of the internal audit, the points for improvement can be addressed, so that ISO 27001 implementation and certification can then be made. 


Any internal audit must be performed by a professional audit team. Thecertified lead auditor from mr. Franklinis happy to carry out the internal ISO 27001 audit for you that is necessary to obtain the ISO 27001 certificate.

What can ISO 27001 lead auditor mean for your company?


The role of an ISO 27001 auditor within thecertification processis crucial. The assistance of a certified lead auditor is necessary both during the preparation of the implementation and during the development and establishment of the ISO 27001 standard within the company. Even after the implementation of ISO 27001, a follow-up by an experienced expert can be useful for your company. 


Without the assistance of an ISO 27001 auditor, theimplementationof this internationally recognized standard very difficult. Aexperienced expertcan help your company on the way to a high level of information security. 


Moreover, a lead auditor also sees work points and points for improvement of the current data security system more quickly, so that less time is lost and the implementation can be more efficient.

ISO 27001 lead auditor training


There are now a number of organizations in Europe that provide e-learning training as a lead auditor. However, a qualitative training takes several days and requires a lottime, effort and preparation. For the participantswithout prior knowledgeit often turns outdifficultto grasp the practical exercises that are part of such a course. 


Moreover, merely following an ISO 27001 audit course only provides theoretical knowledgeoften insufficient in practiceis. Our experts have extensive experience as ISO 27001 lead auditors, which is an absolute added value for the efficient supervision of an audit or an ISMS implementation. 

In addition, the prices are for an ISO 27001 audit coursevery high. So it's possiblefinancially more interestingare for oneexternal certified lead auditorinvolved in the implementation of an ISO 27001 standard.

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looking for aISO 27001 auditor?

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Do you want to get started with improving information security within your organization or implement the ISO 27001 standard? Have an audit proposal drawn up for your organization and explore the possibilities with Mr. Franklin.

Why choose Mr. Franklin as ISO 27001 lead auditor? 


mr. Franklin is one of the few Belgian firms that guides companies in the context of ISO 27001 certification. Olivier Sustronck, one of the founders of Mr. Franklin, is onecertified ISO27001 lead auditor and lead implementerand can therefore help your company on the way to obtaining ISO 27001 certificate. 


mr. Franklin is happy to assist you with advice and action as well as with the implementation of theinternal auditsas with theimplementationof the Information Security Management System ISO 27001.​ In addition, Mr. Franklin also severalGDPR formulas: this is how the processing of information data within your company is legally correct from A to Z.

Free consultation with a certified ISO 27001 lead auditor from Mr. Franklin


If you have questions about ISO 217001 or are still unsure about the benefits of certification, you can alwaysintake interview with our expertbooks. In this introductory meeting, we immediately create more clarity about what the implementation of ISO 27001 can mean for your company. 


Feel free to contact Mr. Franklin so that we can book a free introductory meeting for your company.

Audit proposal by lead auditor of Mr. Franklin


If desired, our lead auditor can draw up a tailor-made audit proposal for your organization. This way you immediately have an overview of the course of the process and you know in advance how much time and finances the implementation of the ISO 27001 standard will take.

Our approach


mr. Franklin stands for innovative but always high-quality service. We use onepragmaticandclear approachand work as much as possible at fixed prices. We attach great importance to the continuous improvement of our expertise. When dealing with both technical and legal aspects, we always take into accountyour personal visionas an entrepreneur.

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mr. Franklin provides us with excellent support in the field of legal IT assistance, GDPR, property law and financial disputes. Drive, speed, passion for the profession, correctness are just a few keywords that Mr. Franklin & their team type. 

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mr. Franklin always provides quality work for a clear price.

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