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A company's intellectual property (IP) is often its most valuable asset. 


Mr Franklin assists its clients to best protect their IP by drafting clear contracts and assists in transferring copyrights, registering trademarks, prototypes and patents, and in defending in case of IP infringement. 


With an experienced team of certified Data Protection Officers, we guide businesses, marketing and IT companies, government agencies and multinationals alike in implementing the GDPR every day.


We offer customised services at fixed prices, such as drafting a privacy policy, conducting a GDPR audit of a company or platform as well as offering 'DPO-as-a-service'. 


Mr Franklin has extensive expertise in assisting IT companies in drafting agreements such as SaaS agreements, hosting agreements, terms of use for online platforms and licensing agreements. 


To reduce cybersecurity risks, we conduct penetration tests, have a phishing simulation tool and provide tailor-made trainings.



Online security and the protection of data and trade secrets are taking an increasingly important place at enterprises. 


As certified auditors and implementers in ISO27001, we can assist your company in auditing or implementing a high-performance ISMS internally and obtaining ISO27001 certification.


We offer tailored guidance to your company by certified specialists at fixed prices.



5 gele sterren

Pascal Vanneste

Had very good collaboration with Mr. Franklin. They are very accessible (even for startups), transparent pricing, excellent advice and assistance on legal issues. Promised deadlines are met.

I can recommend Mr. Franklin to anyone looking for a reliable law firm. 

5 gele sterren

Jessie Meirlaen

The team of Mr. Franklin helped me incredibly well and quickly. If you are looking for a professional, empathetic, transparent and responsive law firm, doubt no more! The lawyers of Mr. Franklin put their heart and soul into their work and provides quick and correct feedback so that you are immediately informed of the state of affairs. Professionalism, authenticity, passion and humanity make them different from others.

Vijf gele sterren

Alex Vandevelde

Mr. Franklin is the ideal legal point of contact for us. As a software entrepreneur whose clients work with personal data on a daily basis, Mr. Franklin has assisted us perfectly on several occasions in complex contractual and GDPR-related challenges. Their direct approachability in combination with a no-nonsense approach and communication means I can only warmly recommend Mr. Franklin to any entrepreneur.

Olivier Sustronck



Lawyer / Data Protection Officer

ISO27001 Auditor and Implementer 
+32 486 27 53 05

As a certified DPO, Olivier Sustronck assists companies on a daily basis in optimising their GDPR, ISO27001 and cybersecurity policies.

He is the author of several IT-law and GDPR books and regularly publishes in his fields of expertise.


Olivier Sustronck groot
Pieter Van Aerschot




Lawyer / Data Protection Officer / Curator

Masters in Intellectual Rights 

Pieter Van Aerschot specialises in IP, privacy and corporate law. As a certified Data Protection Officer, he assists companies with GDPR implementation. He is also regularly appointed receiver by the courts and advises troubled companies on judicial reorganisations and commercial investigations. He publishes regularly in his areas of expertise and is a sought-after speaker at seminars.

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Legal Counsel

Masters in Intellectual Rights

Master ICT Law 
+32 479 47 87 24


Olivier Vandeputte specialises in IT/IP and corporate law. He is also a certified Data Protection Officer. Olivier is mainly active in the corporate world, more specifically in the entertainment sector (music, video and games). He has a special and distinct fondness for everything related to new technologies and sound. 

Olivier Vandeputte
Thomas Vansteenkiste





Masters in Intellectual Rights and ICT Law

Certified DPO 
+32 473 56 52 85


Thomas Vansteenkiste specialises in IP, IT and privacy law. In addition to his law degree (UGent), Thomas obtained a ManaMa in intellectual rights and ICT law from KU Leuven in 2020. In 2021, he obtained his postgraduate degree as Data Protection Officer.

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Legal Counsel 
+32 495 53 93 16


Mattice De Schagt graduated magna cum laude as Master of Laws from the University of Ghent in 2022. He has a penchant for everything related to Intellectual Property, privacy, data protection and consumer law. 

Mattice De Schagt
foto van Leonore Tistaert, advocaat bij Mr. Franklin




Leonore Tistaert studeerde in juni 2023 af als Master Rechten aan de KULeuven. Haar interesses liggen voornamelijk bij GDPR, cybersecurity en cybercrime. Tijdens haar masterjaren heeft zij zich hier hoofdzakelijk ook op toegespitst.


Zij is advocaat aan Balie West-Vlaanderen sinds september 2023.

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Een kudde schapen in zwart wit met een schaap dat omkijkt naar de camera




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Nice to meet you! Mr. Frankin is here to serve you. We offer a fast service and a personalised approach. We also want to be close to our clients, so that we understand your business better and can therefore assist you proactively. After all, legal proceedings are time-consuming, create negative energy and the outcome often remains uncertain. The sooner potential problems can be traced, the more efficiently they can be addressed and the more likely it is that legal proceedings can be avoided. 



“When you're finished changing, you're finished” (B. Franklin).

Mr Franklin stands for a contemporary interpretation of a legal practice. We not only assist our clients in the legal framing of innovations and new technologies but also extend this to the operation of our own firm. For example, we work with fixed fees and subscription formulas. We also use the latest technologies to protect your data, such as an end-to-end encrypted cloud and blockchain applications.



“The doors of wisdom are never shut” (B. Franklin).

At Mr Franklin, we want to provide you with clear information. Therefore, through the Franklin Academy, we share our knowledge with our clients. This is done both by publishing relevant articles in our niche areas that you can read for free on our website and by giving seminars and training courses in our expertise areas of law. The lectures take place at our office, on location in cooperation with external partners such as universities or in-house at our customers' premises.



“Half a truth is often a great lie.” (B. Franklin).

Mr Franklin stands for clear and transparent communication, both in your case and in our fees. Texts are formatted in a readable way and our communication is always clear and to-the-point. When it comes to our fees, we work as much as possible with fixed rates and subscription formulas so there are no surprises for our clients.



For more information about our services, you can always contact us without obligation.



Lieven Bauwensstraat 20, 8200 Bruges

Secretariat (Vanessa):+32 50 45 60 62


Oliver Sustronck

+32 486 27 53 05

Matthew De Schagt

+32 495 53 93 16

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