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Olivier Sustronck


Certified Data Protection Officer

Certified ISO27001 Auditor and Implementer

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Olivier Sustronck, advocaat, DPO en expert databeveiliging en ISO27001

Olivier Sustronck has been a lawyer specialising in privacy and IT law since 2014. He is the author of the books "The GDPR in the legal profession" , "The GDPR for accountants" and the "Internet Law Practice Book" published by Wolters Kluwer and regularly publishes in his areas of expertise.


He has been a certified Data Protection Officer since 2016 and a certified ISO27001 Auditor and Implementer since 2019. He has a passion for cybersecurity and new technologies.


As a DPO and data protection expert, he assists both small and large companies in all kinds of sectors on a daily basis in setting up their agreements, GDPR and ISO27001 policies. 


He also advises companies on the development of SaaS platforms and new technologies such as blockchain, AI and cybersecurity in terms of legal pitfalls, security measures and privacy by design.


In 2018, he founded the niche lawfirm Mr. Franklin in Bruges (Belgium) with Pieter Van Aerschot. He always strives for innovation, including within the legal profession, and developed several legal tech solutions for the firm such as a GDPR chatbot and Dr Breach, a data leak risk analysis tool.


He is a sought-after speaker, both for professional groups, corporate training and guest lecturer at several high schools.



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