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In the digital world we live in, cyber-attacks are an ever-increasing threat. The consequences of an attack can entail both serious financial and reputational damage. That is why the protection of your intellectual property against computer crime is particularly important.



We can assist you in the drafting and review of IT contracts such as general terms and conditions, SaaS agreements, hosting contracts, Service Level Agreements and user conditions for your applications


In addition to Phishing simulations and training for companies, Mr. Franklin also offers penetration tests and we can assist you in drawing up a tailor-made security policy 


mr. Franklin has extensive experience in providing legal guidance to IT companies in the development of new technologies such as gaming, blockchain, augmented reality, VR, crypto-assets, IoT, drones and artificial intelligence.


mr. Franklin has the necessary experience in conducting legal and extrajudicial proceedings with a view to cybersquatting, claiming a domain name or trademark infringements as a result of the registration of a domain name

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How can Mr. Franklin help?


Legal aspects of ICT contracts


We can assist you in theformattingand thereviewfromICT contractssuch as general terms and conditions, software agreements, hosting contracts, Service Level Agreements and user conditions for all your applications.

What is an ICT contract? 


AICT contractis abroad conceptwhich refers to a collection of agreements concluded in an ICT context.

Read one belownon-exhaustive overviewof themost common ICT agreements:

  • Agreements to develop software andSaaS Development Agreements('Software-as-a-Service')

  • Hosting contracts: a hosting contract is an agreement in which agreements are made about making websites or data available online ('hosting').

  • Service Level Agreements (SLA): an agreement in which agreements are made about the level of the ICT service or ICT product. This is usually an addition or appendix to a main agreement such as a hosting contract.

  • Terms and Conditionsandterms of usefor online platforms, webshops, etc.

  • Escrow contractsfor the purpose of holding source code with an escrow agent.

  • Agreements concluded within the framework ofecommerce.

IT law and ICT agreements


Information technology legislation and in particularIT agreementsis highly fragmented. Both the rules from European law and laws established in the Belgian context may apply.

In addition, current internet law is limited and insufficiently adapted to theICT practice. In other words, the existing legal principles of IT law offer little solution for thelegal issuesthat may occur in practice.

It is therefore important to compensate for the lack of clear rules by making good agreements and recording them inwatertight agreementsto avoid any future lawsuits.

mr. Franklin has special experience with legal issues from the ICT practice. With the necessaryspecialist knowledgeof IT law, we can assist your company in negotiating and drawing up sound ICT contracts. A tailor-made IT contract? We take care of that!

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Gaming & New Technologies 


In recent years, the technology has clearly changedstrong advancein process. IT law develops more slowly than other areas of law and often struggles to keep up with technical progress. The result is that in the early stages only general legal principles sometimes apply that cannot simply be applied to these new technologies. For example, consider thegaming sectorwhich raises new legal issues.

This can cause these technologies to be (partially) in a'grey zone'end up. However, when new technologies are created and offered, general rules will often still apply, such as data protection or copyright law.

However, the legislative authorities regularly make up for the lack of (adapted) regulations through new initiatives in IT law.

At Mr. Franklin we followboth legal and technicaldevelopments in ICT closely. We also advise several gaming studios on both legal and information security matters.

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​Artificial intelligence

IT law strives forreliable AIwithin a newregulatory framework, sometimes called the 'Artificial Intelligence Protection Regulation' by analogy with the GDPR. Also in this jurisdiction, Mr. Franklin onespecial expertise. We are happy to guide you in the legal aspects of the tailor-made AI implementation within your company.

Domain name protection

What is a domain name?


Adomain nameis the unique internet address of a web page that is included in the Domain Name System (DNS) after registration. A domain name makes your company's website easy to find online.

Discussions regularly arise regarding domain names and the trade in domain names. Typical disputes arise as a result of:

  • Cyber Squat: someone registers an identical or similar domain name to "freeride" on someone else's goodwill, or to sell the domain name for a profit. Claiming a domain name and thus protecting your domain name is therefore of great importance. onthis pageread more about what you can do as a company against cybersquatting.

  • Trademark infringementsas a result of the registration of a domain name in which a trademark is hidden.

The attorneys for Mr. Franklin have the necessary experience in conducting legal and extrajudicial proceedings with a view to claiming a domain name. Where possible, we always try oneamicable solutionto negotiate.

penetration test


Nextphishing simulationsand training for companies, Mr. Franklin toopenetration tests at. We also advise on drawing up a tailor-made security policy. Sunsecurity policyshould certainly not be missing if your company specializes in electronic commerce or processes personal data.

Drawing up safety and incident policy


​Mr. Franklin can assist you in drawing up an IT security policy. After a security scan, recommendations are drawn up as well as IT policies such as a password policy, encryption policy, BYOD policy, ...


We offer packages at fixed prices so that from the start of our servicetransparencyis about the costs for your company.

onthis pageyou will find 5 tips to protect your company against cybercrime. As a company, you should be actively involved in developing a solid safety policy. If not, there may even be a risk that your company will be ordered to pay compensation. You can find an example of such a convictionhere.

Custom phishing simulations


​​Employees are a company's biggest cybersecurity weakness. This may be due to the lack of a targeted security policy or due to ignorance or oversight.Phishingis a well-known example of cyber attacks.


mr. Franklin offers periodicsimulationsof phishing emailsin a subscription formula. Experience shows that such practical training itAwarenessabout such attacks increases spectacularly and thus therisk of a phishingattack significantly reduced within a company.

Prices for a phishing subscription for one year up to 10 employees start from 500.00 € + VAT. For more information about our packages and phishing,click here.

onthis pageyou will find extra tips to protect your company against phishing.

Training tailored to your company


mr. Franklin offerstailor-made coursesfor your company on data protection, cybersecurity and phishing. This can be linked to the presentation of a security policy or phishing subscription. Training can be organized both on site and via video call.

Prices start from 400.00 € + VAT.

Penetration test on applications and APIs​


​Mr. Franklin offers web and mobile applicationpenetration testing(black box, gray box and white box tests) at fixed prices. The application is subjected to manual testing for a fixed number of hours on the OWASP top 10 vulnerabilities for mobile applications, web applications and APIs.

Price for 8 hours of testing: 1,350.00 € + VAT

Price for 16 hours of testing: 2,500.00 € + VAT



Why choose Mr. Franklin?

  • Extensive experience anda lot of expertisein IT files

  • services againstfixed prices

  • Direct communication and smooth service

  • Reliable partner with the necessarytechnical knowledge

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mr. Franklin provides us with excellent support in the field of legal IT assistance, GDPR, property law and financial disputes. Drive, speed, passion for the profession, correctness are just a few keywords that Mr. Franklin & their team type. 

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mr. Franklin always provides quality work for a clear price.

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