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ISO27001 auditor in overleg met personeelsleden binnen een onderneming

mr. Franklin: your ISO 27001 consultant.

Let yourself be assisted by onemr. Franklin ISO 27001 Consultantat oneISO 27001certification. The experts at Mr. Franklin guide you in complying with the ISO 27001 standard and answer all your questions. 

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What is ISO 27001?


TheISO 27001standard is oneglobally recognized standardin the field ofinformation security. The ISO 27001 standard describes how you can set up information security in a process-based manner in your company. In this way you improve information security within your company.


Companies arenot requiredtaking into account the ISO 27001 standard. However, if your company meets the standard, you can apply for onecertificateto gain. This is proof that you deal with information security in an optimal way.

The importance of ISO 27001


Good information security


Being todaycybersecurityandinformation securitymore and more important.Information is the new gold, it is sometimes said. It is therefore crucial for companies to actively work on the security of their collected data, information and knowledge. Determining a solidinformation security policyis central to this.


Information securityis about, among other thingsprotecting data and knowledgeagainst unauthorized access, loss or carelessness. Consider, for example, a data breach or a cyber attack. No company wants valuable information to end up in the wrong hands.

Quality label


The ISO 27001 standard isinternationalseen as itquality certificatefor companies to demonstrate that they, the applications or services they offer, take adequate security measures to protect the data they process.


Since it is a globally recognized standard, companies wishing to enter international markets in particular would do well to take the ISO 27001 standard into account. After all, it is a standard that is growing very quickly. Service providers such as software companies or hosting companies are also increasingly expected to comply with the ISO 27001 standard. Consider, for example, IT companies that offer cloud software.


By complying with the ISO 27001 standard and obtaining a certificate, you as a company canenhance image. You can then see the certificate as a typequality label. As a company, you demonstrate that you meet all the requirements imposed by the ISO standard and that you are therefore proactively engaged in information security and any risks that may arise in this area.

Greater confidence


Owning a certificate not only creates a positive image, but also increases itto trustthat other companies, employees or customers have in your company. In addition, a certification also offerscommercial opportunities: other companies may want to do business with your company more quickly.

ISO 27001 certification


TheISO 27001 certificationmay take a while depending on a number of factors. If, for example, you as a company have already paid a lot of attention to the security of information, the lead time of a certification will of course be shorter.


On average, oneminimum lead time of about 5 to 6 monthsprovided for a certification process. For larger companies and organizations, this period can be up to 12 months or several years.


At Mr. Franklin looks at the specific needs of a company in such a way that acustom calendarcan be drawn up, taking into account the available resources.


Did you know that we can also help you withGDPR rules?

Information security management system (ISMS) 


ISO 27001 certification goes hand in hand withISMS. ISMS stands forInformation Security Management System(Dutch: management system for information security).


This is about onecontinuous improvement processof your company's information security. It takes a systematic approach to data management. This concerns all measures, core implementation tools and working methods that aim to fine-tune and maintain information security within a company. Consider, for example, certain risk assessment software that is used.

TheISO27001 standardbecomes likeguidelineseen to organize an ISMS within a company.

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Why isISO27001 complianceimportant?

Personal guidance from A to Z

Comply with European laws and regulations

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Do you want to get started with improving information security within your organization or implement the ISO 27001 standard? mr. Franklin has the best consultants ready for you!

mr. Franklin: your ISO 27001 consultant


mr. Franklin guides your company in achieving aISO 27001 certificate(successful certification), both in developing and implementing a sound ISMS and in conducting customized internal audits.

Initial interview


Do you havequestionsabout the ISO 27001 standard, ISMS or other matters within the information security of your company, do not hesitate to contact Mr. Franklin. Also if youto workwant to go with ISO 27001 within your company but are not sure how best to approach this, you can call on one of our experts.


Book onefree introductory meeting(30 minutes) with one of our experts ready to give you initial advice.

ISMS custom


Every ISMS is differentand that is why it is important to develop an ISMS that closely matches the vision, policy and strategy of your company. At Mr. You can always contact Franklin for the development, implementation and management of an information security management system tailored to your company. We are also involved in the evaluation, maintenance and continuous improvement of your company's ISMS.

Read more aboutassistance with an ISO 27001implementation.

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