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What is ISMS? The experts at Mr. Franklin explain

In the current digital age, both customers and companies find it important to properly secure their personal data. The more confident someone can be that yourinformation securityis ready, the more trust your company will gain from the (potential) business partners. AISMS implementationis therefore a very smart investment today. OurISO 27001and ISMS expert fully explains why an ISMS implementation is such a good choice.


Information Security Management System


Information Security Management System(ISMS), or information security management system, is a process of continuous improvement that takes a systematic approach to managing data. The purpose of an ISMS is theimproving information security and management.


An information security management system consists partly of IT components, but also of specific onescontrol measures and procedures. These processes and measures are necessary to control the availability, integrity and confidentiality of data within the company. Based on the risk analysis obtained, you can manage the information security risks related to systems, but also the risks related to a human factor.


In the ISMS implementation, the so-calledPlan-Do-Check-Act methodologyused. Plan-Do-Check-Act is a cyclical method that allows you to improve your organization step by step and always check whether the measures taken were effective.

ISMS and ISO 27001


ISO 27001is aglobally recognized standardof information security. Based on these standards, certain requirements are set for the organization's ISMS. After the implementation of the ISO 27001 standard, a company can be certified: the ISO 27001 certificate is, as it were, the "proof" of thetechnical competenceof your organization in the field of information security. It shows that as a company you are seriously and structurally involved in data security and therefore also in the protection of personal data or sensitive information.


The certification is done by one of the so-calledcertification bodies. A certification body is an independent party that checks the ISO 27001 standard requirements within your organization.

Benefits of ISMS within your company


Thanks to the ISMS implementation, information security remains within your organizationeffective and up to date. ISMS ensures fewer risks in terms of information security and new incidents such asdata leaksor hackingappearance. In addition, ISMS improves the structure of the organization by clarifying who bears responsibility for information security risks.


By implementing ISMS in your company you can also demonstrate to (potential) suppliers and customers that youinformation securityseriously and wants to keep the associated risks to a minimum. This way your partners know that their (sometimes sensitive) data will not just end up on the street and they can do business with your company with peace of mind.

ISMS implementation


An Information Security Management System touches many aspects of the company. That is why it is important that ISMS is in line with the policy and strategy of your company. There mustappropriate security measuresthat are takenintegratedwithin the current internal organization of your company. These measures are included in the so-called implementation plan that will function as a guideline during the implementation process. You can read the steps of this implementation plan in thisblog postfrom mr. Franklin.

Ourcertified expertsassist your company in setting up, implementing, managing, monitoring, evaluating, maintaining and improving an information security management system tailored to your organization.

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Why isISO27001 complianceimportant?

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Do you want to get started with improving information security within your organization or implement the ISO 27001 standard? mr. Franklin can help you with things like ISMS and more.

mr. Franklin: your ISMS consultant


mr. Franklin is one of the few Belgian firms that companies under theISO 27001 certificationaccompanies.Oliver Sustronck, one of the founders of Mr. Franklin, is onecertified lead auditor and lead implementerand can therefore support your company with the ISMS implementation.


Among other things, we provide guidance in the preparation of planning, policies, policies and corrective actions according to the specific requirements of the organization. We also carry out a risk analysis. After that you canStatement of Applicabilityexpect from us. Through this statement we make it clear which of the control measures apply to your company. 

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Ask about itimplementation processof a management system? Feel free to contact our experts who can make a tailor-made implementation proposal for your organization!

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