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getting certification: practical guide

Today isinformation securitya top priority. Both individuals and companies want to be confident that their data will not just end up on the street. And trust, as any business owner can attest, is crucial to building long-lasting business relationships.ISO 27001obtaining certification shows that you are serious about information security as a company and makes you a reliable business partner. mr. Franklin is happy to tell you what practical steps to take for this. 


What is ISO 27001?


ISO 27001is aglobally recognized standardin the field of information security. The ISO 27001 standard describes how you, as an organization, can organize information security in a process-based manner in your company. This standard helps your company to draw up the Information Security Management System (ISMS) rules and information security policy.


If a company complies with this international standard, then this company can become aISO-27001 certificateto gain. ISO 27001 certification shows that you, as a company, take high-quality security measures to protect information. Read more about the ISO 27001 standardthis blog post from Mr. Franklin.

Why should my company achieve ISO 27001 certification? 


The international standard ISO 27001 has both external and internal benefits:

Internal benefits


The ISO 27001 implementation ensures a professional and structured approach in terms ofdata protection. After the ISO 27001 certification, you as an entrepreneur can be sure that data protection has been tightened. ISO 27001 is also a useful tool when drafting itinformation security policy. Your company is then able to serve your customers better. The chance of data leaks (and therefore the chance of damage to your image) is also considerably reduced. 


Moreover, by implementing the ISO 27001 standard, a company immediately complies to a large extentthe relevant legal requirements in the field of information security.

External benefits


ISO 27001 certification is increasingly required in intercompany relationships. Also in a B2C context one expects a continuousimprovementof information security. After all, they want to avoid thatconfidential informationmade available to the service provider ends up on the street. Today, customers demand more and more guarantees about the way information security is established at a company.


ISO 27001 can help with this. An ISO 27001 certificate is oneobjective and independentevidence demonstrating the high level of information security. With this certificate you demonstrate as a company that you are seriously and structurally involved in information security and that you meet high international requirements in this area.

When you are in possession of an ISO 27001 certificate, you not only strengthen ittrustwith your customers, but also your image. A certification therefore offers a lotcommercial opportunities: you distinguish yourself from the competition.

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Why isISO27001 complianceimportant?

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Do you want to get started with improving information security within your organization or implement the ISO 27001 standard? Then Mr. Franklin the right partner.

Obtaining ISO27001 certification: step-by-step plan from Mr. Franklin


mr. Franklin is one of the few Belgian firms that guides companies in the context of ISO 27001 certification. We are happy to assist you with advice and deed, both in the implementation of theinternal auditsas for theimplementationof the ISO 27001 standard. We proceed as follows:

Step 1: Sketch a frame


To begin with, we take our timeget to know your company. Various aspects of the implementation are discussed in the context of your business operations. Of course, a lot of attention is paid to thegoals and expectations of your organizationand we take into account theavailable assets.


In practice, we often come across companies that have already taken measures  with regard to information security, but have not yet reached a good end point. We map out all the steps you have already taken in the past. At the end of this phase, it will become clear to what extent the company is already ready for certification and what thepoints of work and improvementare.

Step 2: drawing up a tailor-made action plan


Based on our findings, an action plan is drawn up. Those responsible for data security within the company are heard during this process. When drawing up the step-by-step plan and division of tasks, the available time and operating resources are taken into account. In this phase it becomes clear which business processes need to be improved, when this should be done and who is responsible for this.

Step 3: implementation of ISO 27001 standard


In the implementation phase, we set up the data security management system. Weto supportyour organization in taking measures, drawing up policy, planning and policies. We will also make onerisk analysisexecuted. Then we set oneStatement of Applicabilityup for your company. This statement provides an overview of the control measures that apply to your organization.

Step 4: internal audit


An audit is an indispensable step if a company wants to be certified. An internal audit ensures that thevulnerabilities of the information security systemcan be noticed more quickly and therefore dealt with more quickly. More information about the internal audit can be found on this page of our website. 


Internal audits are performed by a professional audit team. Thecertified lead auditor of Mr. Franklinis happy to carry out the internal ISO 27001 audit for you, which is necessary to obtain the ISO 27001 certificate.

Step 5: Obtain ISO 27001 certification


Once all the above phases have been completed, the company can opt to be certified. The certification is not mandatory thoughsuch a quality certificate is increasingly requiredin the context of tenders. In addition, the ISO 27001 certificate strengthens the image of the company and the trust of customers or business partners. 

The certification is performed by an external party, namely aaccredited independent certification body. These certification bodies check the standard requirements within your company. If a company meets all the requirements set by ISO 27001, the certifying body will issue proof of a successful ISO 27001 implementation.

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mr. Franklin is the ideal legal point of contact for us, as a software company. We have been perfectly assisted several times with contractual and GDPR-related challenges. Their no-nonsense approach and communication makes me Mr. Franklin warmly recommend.

Alex Vandevelde / Quanta Corp


mr. Franklin always provides quality work for a clear price.

Alain Carels / Carbofisc

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