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ISO 27001

ISO 27001 internal audit by Mr. Franklin


Nowadays thesecurity of informationa top priority, both for companies and private customers. A company that can offer more certainty in terms of data protection therefore receives moreto trustof business partners and significantly differentiates itself from competitors. Achieving an internationally recognized ISO27001 quality certificatetherefore only brings benefits. mr. Franklin is happy to perform the ISO 27001 internal audit for your company, so that you too can benefit from optimal data protection.


ISO 27001


ISO 27001 is an internationally recognized standardinformation security. This oneglobally recognized standardof data protection offers companies the opportunity to organize their information security management systems (Information Security Management System, or ISMS) in a process-oriented manner.

Companies are not obliged to be certified, but such an ISO 27001 certificate is, as it were, aevidence of high data securitywithin the enterprise. This is one of the most used ways for a company to show that the data of your customers and business partners is safe within your company. An ISO 27001 or a similar quality certificate is increasingly required in the context of tenders.

For a more detailed explanation of the content of the ISO 27001 standard and its benefits, please refer tothis post from Mr. Franklin.

Who is Mr. Franklin?


mr. Franklin is one of the few Belgian firms that guides companies in the context of ISO 27001 certification. Olivier Sustronck, one of the founders of Mr. Franklin, is onecertified lead auditor and implementerand can therefore help your company on its way to obtaining an ISO 27001 certificate.

mr. Franklin represents oneclearandpragmaticapproach in whichtransparency about costsis a top priority. We also always take into account the concerns of your staff, your way of working, your business objectives andyourpersonal expectations.


ISO 27001 internal audit by Mr. Franklin


Ainternal auditis an essential part of theISO 27001 implementation. Based on the obtained audit findings, the areas for improvement and improvement of the information security management system within the company can be addressed. The ISO 27001 internal audit provides important information about the effectiveness of the current ISMS and demonstrates the extent to which it meets the ISO 27001 standard requirements.

As part of the internal audit, the internal audit team of Mr. Franklin assesses on the basis of random checks and interviews with employees whether work is being done according to the predetermined working method. In addition, we also check whether improvements have been made to the security measures taken in accordance with thePCDA technique.

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Why choose certified internal auditor from Mr. Franklin?


mr. Franklin is happy to assist you with advice and deed, both in carrying out theinternal auditsas with theimplementationof the Information Security Management System ISO 27001.​ In addition, Mr. Franklin tooall-in-one GDPR formulas: this is how the processing of information data within your company is legally correct from A to Z.

Our certified lead auditor is happy to take a free 30-minute introductory meeting to see what an internal audit can yield within your company. Feel free to contact Mr. Franklin, so we can book an intake interview for you.

Benefits of ISO 27001 certification


ISO 27001 certification has bothinternalifexternaladvantages.

Internal benefitsare positive consequences that are particularly noticeable within the company. It's about, among other thingsmitigations of information security risks, so that the probability ofreputational damageorfinancial problemsfalls significantly as a result of cyber incidents. The implementation of the ISO 27001 standard also ensures a professional and structured approach to information and data protection. This in turn leads to thecompliance with specific legislationinformation security (e.g. GDPR standards) as wellsimplerexpires. Moreover, the optimization of data processes also workscost savingbecause you can work more efficiently.

External benefitsof an ISO 27001 relate to the positive effect of the ISO 27001 certification in the relationship between your company and its customers, suppliers and business partners. ISO 27001 certificate shows the world that as a company you take the protection of information data seriously. This differentiates you from the competitors in the market and significantly increases itconfidence in your company(and therefore thecommercial opportunities).

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