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When should a company hire a DPO?


With the emergence of privacy legislation, many additional obligations have also arisen for entrepreneurs. Among other things, certain organizations mustobligedaDPOhire. mr. Franklin explains when this is the case according to theprivacy law.

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When do you need a Data Protection Officer? 


AData Protection Officer(alsodata protection officerreferred to) is an independent person who monitors compliance with theAVG standard requirementswithin an organization. In certain cases, the appointment of a DPO has been made mandatory by law.

Obligation under General Data Protection Regulation


The obligation to appoint a DPO applies to the following organizations: 


-SaaS platformsor companies thathostingto offer;

-Government agencies;

-Service providersof a government agency that processes personal data for this government;

- Companies from thehealth care sectorthat process customer data on a large scale (general practice, pharmacy, hospital,...);

-Notaries, bailiffs;

-Law Firmswho carry out large-scale processing of special personal data (under Dutch law, the processing of personal data takes place on a large scale when it concerns more than 10,000 data subjects. In Belgium, no exact number is attached, but this quantity is rather used as an indication);

- Companies thatprofiling or observationdo it on a large scale. 

Voluntarily hire a DPO


Organizations that do not fall under the above obligations but do process a lot of sensitive personal data (such as criminal convictions, for example) should alsoappoint DPO


In addition, it hasappoint voluntarilyof a DPO also specialadvantages. Among other things, this may be taken into account if the supervisory authority decides whether or not to impose a fine on personal data. In some cases, the presence of a DPO is seen as a mitigating factor.

Hire internal or external DPO? 


As a manager, you have the choice between hiring aexternal officerdata protection or training an employee or associate to become a Data Protection Officer. You can therefore opt to make one of your employees an internal DPO, as it were. However, this bringscertain drawbackswith him. In this way, the already existing internal relationship canindependent positionof a DPO employee. Most companies therefore opt for oneexternal DPOwhich makes it easier for them to cancel the cooperation agreement if necessary.

Inthis blog articleyou read about a situation in which the GBA was of the opinion that an internal DPOconflicts of interestbrought with it. The company in question was fined 50,000 euros.

mr. Franklin


mr. Franklin is a law firm with particular expertise in data protection and privacy. Among other things, there are in our teamthree certified DPOswith extensive experience at government agencies and companies in various sectors. Our approach is always consultative and pragmatic, with transparency about your file and the associated costs being a top priority. We therefore work with all-in formulas: price for a quarterly subscriptionDPO as a servicestarts from 300.00 € + VAT.


What does ourDPO as a serviceformula? On the basis of aprivacy auditthe privacy policy and the processing of personal data in your company is mapped out, together with the measures already taken in that area. The necessary documents are then prepared. In addition, Mr. Franklin tooall-in-one formulasto your companyGDPR proofto make. Prices for our all-in-one packages start from 2,000.00 € + VAT.

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