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ADPOplays an important role in monitoring compliance with the imposed data protection requirements of the General Data Protection Regulation (AVG orGDPR). Aappoint DPOcan therefore be very useful.

In certain cases, GDPR even imposes acommitmentto appoint a Data Protection Officer.


Read more about the role of a DPO atthis page.

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Who is required to appoint a DPO?


According to GDPR legislationis to appoint a data protection officer (aDPO) mandatory in the following three cases:

Processing of personal data by the government

When the processing of personal data by thegovernment agenciesis performed, the appointment of a DPO is mandatory. All government service providers must also appoint a DPO. The same also applies to any organization that processes personal data for the government.

Profiling or observation on a large scale


An organization that processes data in such a way that there isregular and systematic observation on a large scalerequired, must also appoint a DPO.

'Observation' means in privacy lawon a regular basiscarrying out checks on the behavior of persons whose sensitive data is processed. Observation mustperiodictake place (e.g. at fixed times) or in an organized manner (e.g. in the context of a particular strategy) in order to ensure thatsystematicallyto be considered.

Examples of companies that fall into this category are security firms, medical professions, and professions that come into contact with judicial and/or criminal information. onthis pageyou will find more information about whenenterprisesare obliged to appoint a DPO.

Large-scale processing of special categories of data

Any organization that engages in large-scale processing of special categories of data should promote compliance with GDPR data protection standards by appointing a DPO.


Large-scale processing

Oflarge scalethe processing of asignificant amount ofpersonal data intended at regional, national or supranational level. In addition, there must also be a realistic chance that a large number of the persons whose data are processedrisky consequenceswill experience. 

The legislator also states that the processing of personal data is not regarded as large-scale processing if it concerns the processing of personal data of patients or clients by an individual doctor, another healthcare professional or by a lawyer.

Special categories of data


These aresensitive personal datawhich may relate to, among other things, race or ethnic origin, sexual behavior or sexual orientation, political opinions, etc… 

In principle, the processing of such personal data is prohibited. However, this rule contains a number of exceptions: for example, after the voluntary and writtenpermissionof the data subject or because this datanecessaryto provide appropriate care. Consider, for example, the processing of personal data by a hospital.

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Looking for a DPO service?​


Are you looking for oneDPO services? At Mr. Franklin, we have some experts who will help you out.

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Appoint a Data Protection Officer on a voluntary basis


For companies that process a lot of or sensitive personal data, it is always recommended to appoint an external DPO.

What can DPO as a service offer?

DPO on a service basis helps companies with theimplementation of the GDPR requirements. A DPO takes an independent position and acts as a contact person with regard to the privacy authority and the data subjects. Aexternal DPOas a Mr.Franklin expert is often a safer choice than an internal DPO, whereconflicts of interestcan occur.

mr. Franklin has three certified DPOs; all three have thembroad experiencein all kinds of companies and governments. Among other things, Mr. Franklin appointed as DPO at companies in the healthcare sector, IT companies, online SaaS platforms, online advertising companies, companies in the legal sector such as law firms, bailiffs' offices and notaries and (suppliers to) governments. 

Price for a quarterly subscription DPO as-a-service starts from 300.00 € + VAT.

Approach Mr. Franklin


We're facing oneclearandpragmaticapproach in whichtransparency about costsis a top priority. Measures are always taken in consultation and tailored to your company. We offer both fixed-day guidance and an on-call service with periodic updates. 

mr. Franklin offers all-in-one formulas for your companyGDPR proofto make. A privacy audit is used to map out the privacy policy and the processing of personal data in your organization, together with the infrastructure and security measures already taken. The necessary documents are then drawn up and GDPR training can be provided. The approach is always consultative and pragmatic, with a lot of attention for thepreferences and needs of your company.

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Why choose ourcertified DPOs?

  • Extensive expertise in various sectors

  • Customized personal service 

  • Clear and fixed prices

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mr. Franklin provides us with excellent support in the field of legal IT assistance, GDPR, property law and financial disputes. Drive, speed, passion for the profession, correctness are just a few keywords that Mr. Franklin & their team type. 

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mr. Franklin always provides quality work for a clear price.

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