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Protect your inventions

What is a patent?


A patent is oneintellectual property rightwhich grants an inventor an exclusive right of exploitation of his invention. In simple terms, an invention is a technical solution to a technical problem. Furthermore, an invention must be new, inventive and industrially applicable. A patent can be applied for both for a new type of product and for a new type of process. 


Patented inventions are often a company's most valuable assets, so strong legal support when contracting around patents and defending your inventions against infringements such as counterfeiting is not a luxury.

How can Mr. Franklin assist you?


mr. Franklin can assist your company with thenegotiating and drawing up all kinds of agreementsrelating directly or indirectly to patents, such as patent licenses, patent transfers, R&D agreements, distribution agreements, non-disclosure agreements, etc. 


Furthermore, Mr. Franklinlegal assistance in patent litigationand guide our clients through specific patent-related procedures, such as counterfeit seizures and injunctions. 


For more information about our services, you can always contact us without obligation.



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