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GDPR consultant / tailor-made AVG consultant

Are you looking for oneGDPR consultant / GDPR consultantcustomization? Look no further, because the privacy and data protectionexpertsfrom mr. Franklin are ready to take over your legal concerns.

GDPR legislation: General Data Protection Regulation 


TheGeneral Data Protection Regulation(GDPR, called General Data Protection Regulation or GDPR in English) came into effect on May 25, 2018. This Regulation is directly applicable as law inall member states of the European Union. National legislation can supplement the points where the General Data Protection Regulation indicated that this was possible. You can find more information about the GDPR standard requirements and their application hereblog post from Mr. Franklin.

What is GDPR? 

The standards of data protection apply to allcompanies, associations and governmentsthat process personal data of individuals. This applies both to the digital processing of personal data and to the collection and processing of data on paper. 


Personal data is data aboutnatural living personwhich this person can become directly or indirectlyidentified(for example, an e-mail address or a surname). In doing so, the concept ofprocessingbroadly filled in by the legislature. It includes, among other things, collecting, recording, structuring and modifying the data. Today, a company therefore falls within the scope of the GDPR standard requirements fairly quickly.

AVG Consulting


Any organization that falls under the scope of GDPR isobligedto continually comply with these privacy standards. Among other things, this results in takingmeasuresto promote data protection. In addition, the organization must be able to demonstrate to the Data Protection Authority in certain cases that the privacy risks according to thelegal standard requirementswere addressed.


Your businessGDPR compliantgetting it can be a difficult matter, especially if you are confronted with privacy standards for the first time. The possible complications that can be involved should not be underestimated. Moreover, the legislation is relatively often supplemented by important case law, which means that it remains important to keep your company's policy up-to-date.

Tailor-made GDPR consultingcan help your businessGDPR proofto make. An experienced GDPR consultant guides organizations in their pursuit of full compliance. This usually provides clear explanations of often complexly defined legal standards and practical tips for complying with these standards.

Protect your company against GDPR fines and do a free GDPR audit with Mr.Franklin.


GDPR-proof in max 3 months


mr. Franklin: custom privacy and information security consulting


mr. Franklin consists of an experienced team of lawyers that specialize in offering all kindsAVG/GDPR Services, including a GDPR audit, the layout of customized documents. We are happy to take over the legal concerns about privacy for you and also offer packages at fixed prices to make your entire company or institution compliant with the GDPR. We also have special expertise in the field ofinformation security: we are one of the few Belgian offices that implement ISMS andISO 27001 certificationto support.


Our office also has threecertified Data Protection Officers. All three have thembroad experienceat various companies and governments.

At Mr. Franklin we strive for oneclear and pragmatic approachtailor-made where transparency about the costs is a top priority. A personal approach at fixed rates is therefore the main characteristic of our services.





mr. Franklin provides us with excellent support in the field of legal IT assistance, GDPR, property law and financial disputes. Drive, speed, passion for the profession, correctness are just a few keywords that Mr. Franklin & their team type. 

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mr. Franklin always provides quality work for a clear price.

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