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Privacy by design & Privacy by default

Every entrepreneur who regularly withGDPRrequirements is confronted, the notions “privacy by design" and "privacy by default" in return for. But what does this actually mean? The privacy experts at Mr. Franklin briefly explain the most important key points. 

Privacy & GDPR


Both privacy by design and privacy by default are both explicitly mentioned in art. 25 of theGDPRRegulation (akaGeneral Data Protection Regulationor AVG). These concepts can be regarded as a duty of care of the data processing organizationinvasions of privacyof the natural persons involved.

Privacy by design


Privacy by designrefers to data protection in thedesign stage. With privacy by design, data protection is already involved at an early stage in the development of products or services.


Various aspects play a role in this: there must beuser-friendly optionsbe present, such as a personal profile page where the user's data can be modified and deleted or preferences can be adjusted. In short: there istransparency and clear communicationto the user about the way of processing the personal data. This should also be the casedata minimization: in the design of a product or service it is already stipulated that only the strictly necessary data will be processed.


With privacy by design, the customer or user is central. The interests of the natural person whose data is processed are therefore a priority throughout the development process.

Privacy by default


Privacy by default” is translated as “data protection through default settings”. Privacy by default therefore requires default settings to be made as privacy-friendly as possible. This means that (if this possibility exists) topermissionis requested before personal data is shared. In the context of privacy by default, as little personal data as possible is also requested and processed.

The difference between privacy by design & privacy by default


Privacy by design therefore mainly applies duringthe development of new products or services(e.g. an app). Privacy by default is therefore actually likepart of privacy by designseen. While privacy by design mainly focuses on the user during the development of a product and wants to offer maximum data protection, privacy by default is only about automatic data protection through standard settings.


Both privacy by default and privacy by design are mandatory principles for the processing of personal data.

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mr. Franklin: your privacy expert


mr. Franklin is a law firm with aspecial expertisein terms of data protection. We offer both guidance in the development of your product (privacy by design) and in marketing your product. Our team takes care of itdrafting of privacy and cookie policy, GDPR audit,DPIA,DPO as a serviceand all othersGDPRrelated procedures. 


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mr. Franklin always provides quality work for a clear price.

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