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Let a GDPR expert assist you.

Why should companies take the GDPR into account?


Since 2018, theGDPR orGeneral Data Protection Regulation(in Dutch General Data Protection Regulation) applicable within the European Union. As a company you are obliged to take this new privacy legislation into account. 


The GDPR aims toEuropean citizensbetter onesprotectionoffer in terms of privacy. It therefore gives a number of rights to individuals, but at the same time companies have to do a lotobligationscomply.


The obligations of the GDPR aim to encourage companies to do moreconscious and safer wayto deal with collected data. Legal obligations are an important motivating factor to work on better measures in the company or company. In addition, it ensures that customers get moreto trustget in your company.


If companies wipe their feet on the GDPR, they are at riskfineto walk up. The competent Belgian authority here is the Data Protection Authority (DPA). Read more aboutGDPR fines. Also on the official website of theGBAyou will find a lot of information.

Obligations for companies


The way companies handle and process personal data is subject to the obligations of the GDPR. There aremany of these obligationswhich you as a company must take into account.


Companies are not allowed to randomly collect or process personal data. There must be a validprocessing groundare to be able to do this. An important processing ground in practice is, for example, theexplicit and prior consentof the person concerned. 


In addition, the collected data may not be kept indefinitely. Also thedata storageitself must be done in a safe and correct manner. In addition, a register of processing activities (processing register) are drawn up and maintained. It collects information about the personal data that is processed within the company.


In some cases, one is requiredDPO (Data Protection Officer)are appointed in companies. This can be an internal or external DPO. More information about what a DPO actually does can be found atour website.


Another important obligation under the GDPR is that data breaches must in some cases be reported to the GBA. More information about this can be found atthis page.

What is the added value of a GDPR expert? 


Aexternal GDPR expertensures that no obligations are overlooked. After all, sometimes it is not easy to see the forest through the trees. With an external GDPR expert, you as a company can be sure that you comply with theGDPR obligationsand avoid fines. These can be high.


A company should also have ainternal GDPR expertcan appoint, for example a staff member who is following extra training. The disadvantage here, however, is that training this employeecosts a lot of money and timeand because of the training alone, these people often have insufficient experience to set up an effective privacy policy, to prepare the necessary documents and to respond appropriately to security incidents. Our lawyer experts have built up extensive expertise in recent years at more than 250 companies in all kinds of sectors.

By calling on a good GDPR consultant externally, you can easily and effectively ensure that your companyGDPR proofis.

Protect your company against GDPR fines and do a free GDPR audit with Mr.Franklin.


GDPR-proof in max 3 months


mr. Franklin: your GDPR consultants


Thespecialized lawyersfrom mr. Franklin can assist you with all your questions about the GDPR. As GDPR consultants, they offer several different services, both in terms ofGDPR complianceif any(legal) proceedings.

What are the services of a GDPR consultant?


mr. Franklin can provide assistance in the first placefine-tunefrom theGDPR Policyof your company. In this way you can be sure that personal data is not treated lightly and that it is collected and processed correctly. mr. Franklin can help run aGDPR auditwithin your company, preparing documents and implementing acustom privacy policy.


In some cases it is mandatory for companies or government institutions to appoint a DPO (Data Protection Officer). Ifcertified DPOsare the lawyers of Mr. Franklin ready to assist your company as an external DPO. This person oversees the implementation of the GDPR requirements.


Furthermore, Mr. Franklin tooassistance in proceedings. This can be a procedure for theData Protection Authorityiflegal proceedings.  You can also contact us for thereporting a data breach. We offer clear advice at fixed prices.


Do you still havespecific questionsabout the applicable privacy legislation or are you looking for a service that was not mentioned? Do not hesitate to contact our office.

How does Mr. Franklin?


mr. Franklin aims for onetransparentandcomprehensive service. We offercustomized service, taking into account the specific needs of your company. Our consultants can provide assistance on a flexible basis, for as long as their services are needed. 

We work withall in one packagesin return forfixed prices. This way we keep the costs for your company as transparent and low as possible.




For more information about our services, you can always contact us without obligation.

Contact us here.


Lieven Bauwensstraat 20, 8200 Bruges


Oliver Sustronck

+32 486 27 53 05

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mr. Franklin is the ideal legal point of contact for us, as a software company. We have been perfectly assisted several times with contractual and GDPR-related challenges. Their no-nonsense approach and communication makes me Mr. Franklin warmly recommend.

Alex Vandevelde / Quanta Corp


mr. Franklin always provides quality work for a clear price.

Alain Carels / Carbofisc

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