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Counterfeiting: what are the dangers? 


Every entrepreneur builds on his good name and fame during his entire career. This often includes the development of a brand (name). After all, a well-known brand or logo refers to success in the market and binds customers to a certain company. The sellers ofcounterfeit (brand) goodstry on the good name and notoriety of a particularBrand(or logo) to hitch a ride. This leads toreputational and financial damagefor the original trademark owner, which in turn causes harmful consequences for our economy. 


It is therefore important as an entrepreneur not only to protect your intellectual property preventivelyto protect, but also to act appropriately if necessary. mr. Franklin specializes in theintellectual property rightsand is happy to help youdefend intellectual rights.

Why is action against counterfeiting necessary? 


Becauseintellectual propertyoften an important part of theassetsit is important to make sufficient efforts to protect your brand or any other creation. Companies that do not pay sufficient attention to enforcing their intellectual rights run the risk of losing these rightswill lose in value. A company that finds that counterfeiting of its logo is being marketed and chooses not to act should be aware that this logo is likely to decline in value.

In addition, counterfeiting often causesimage damagefor the enterprise. As a trademark owner or author, you must therefore always be able to detect the counterfeit of your product in time. 

Through the subscription formula of Mr. Franklin can let us monitor any relevant trademark register once your trademark has been registered. If a new trademark is requested that is similar to your trademark, you will receive a message from us with abrief analysis and advice. You can then make an informed choice whether or not to act. In this way you can prevent counterfeiting of your brand at a very early stage.

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Why choose assistance from Mr. Franklin?


mr. Franklin is a law firm with aspecial expertisein trademark law.We offer a fast service in which personal approach and accessibility are central.

We also want to be close to our customers, so that we better understand their business and can therefore proactively assist them. If Mr. Franklin we work with as much as possiblefixed rates and subscription formulasso you don't get any surprises. Contact Mr. Franklin for more information about our services and subscription formulas.

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How can I act against counterfeiting?


There exist todaynumerous proceduresto combat counterfeiting. Consider, for example, an attachment regarding counterfeiting, a cease and desist order or an ordinary counterfeiting procedure. Government agencies, such as the FPS economy, often also offer the opportunity to submit a complaint.

Because of this range of possibilities, it can be useful toa legal expert firstto consult. An experienced lawyer can help you act as efficiently as possible.

Furthermore, consumers can alsofile a complaint if you suspect counterfeiting. Selling replica items also violates consumer rights.



A company can toocooperate with customsto combat counterfeit imports. Indeed, one of the main functions of customs is to control the import of goods. If the customs employees suspect that counterfeit goods from third countries are entering the EU, they canthe trademark holders are contacted. At that time, the trademark holders are given the opportunity to inspect products.

If it really concerns counterfeit goods, the holder of the trademark or copyright will be able to take the necessary steps to keep these products out of the economic circuit.

Violation of IP rights other than trademark and copyright


Patent infringements can also be a form of counterfeiting. Consider, for example, the use of a patented invention without the permission of the patent holder. The holder of a patent can then, among other things, proceed to seize counterfeiting or an injunction.

Drawing and design law protects two-dimensional patterns (drawings) and three-dimensional objects (models). Of course, these can also be counterfeited. The holder of a drawing or design right has a number of options to enforce his exclusive rights.

I've been accused of counterfeiting, what now?  


When you are sued for aalleged trademark infringementit is recommended to have oneintellectual property lawyerto take under your arm. Nothing in law is black or white, and certainly not in intellectual property law. That is why it is important to legally analyze the content of the claim and to determine a strategy that brings cost-benefit the best result.

A specialized lawyer takes care of thebest resolution of the disputethereby increasing the chances of a flawless process.

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mr. Franklin provides us with excellent support in the field of legal IT assistance, GDPR, property law and financial disputes. Drive, speed, passion for the profession, correctness are just a few keywords that Mr. Franklin & their team type. 

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mr. Franklin always provides quality work for a clear price.

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