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mr. Franklin as a trademark agency: what can we do for you?

Trademark registrationis an indispensable step if you want to market your brandto protect. There must be a certainregulated procedurebe followed. mr. Franklin explains how a trademark office can make this procedure easier for you. 

What is a trademark agency?


Atrademark officeis a company (such as a law firm or another organization) that helps register your trademark and possibly monitor it later. Atrademark officetherefore not only assists you during the entire process of trademark registration, but also once your trademark has been registered: it remains important to guard your trademark at all times.


After successfully completing the registration procedure, valid trademarks will be listed in the officialtrademark registersincluded. These trademark registers are managed by government agencies. Such a government agency is also sometimes referred to as a trademark office in the conversations between lawyers.

Who is Mr. Franklin? 


mr. Franklin is a law firm specializing inintellectual property rights. Thanks to our passion for the legal aspect of intellectual property, we have special expertise in trademark law. As a trademark agency, we have already been able to assist numerous companies before, during and after the registration of their trademarks. 


mr. Franklin is happy to provide you with legal assistance if you have any doubts about the validity of your (possible) trademark or brand name. Ourexpertise and experienceprovide more certainty about the validity of your trademark so that the chances of successful trademark registration are significantly increased.


Read more about how weprotect your brand.

Our offer regarding the protection of your intellectual property


Preliminary investigation


Not every sign can be registered as a trademark. Every new trademark application asks forthorough preparation. The sign you choose must meet a number of legal requirements. For example, your brand must have adistinctivenessso that the consumer can distinguish products or services from your company from those of the competitors. In addition, your brand must tooavailableandpermissibleare andcan be clearly displayed.


mr. Franklin checks whether your brand meets all the necessary requirements. In addition, we test your brand on the so-calledabsolute grounds for refusal. Furthermore, Mr. Franklin specializes in custom classifications: this is an essential exercise for registration.


Finally, we perform anovelty searchfrom. This is necessary to check the availability of your brand. Our professionals screen all relevant trademark registers for a similar or identical trademark that may lead to discussions. Then choose theany rebranding, we will be happy to advise you so that your new ideas meet the requirements for trademark protection.


In short: we ensure that you can deposit your trademark with confidence.

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The most professionaltrademark office!

Personal approach and guidance

Tailored advice from experts

Easily register your trademarks: accessible and price transparent

Looking for the most suitable trademark agency? mr. Franklin is ready to assist you.

Trademark registration


Successfultrademark registrationgrants the proprietor exclusive ownership of the registered trademark. You do not automatically acquire this exclusive right through the mere use of the trademark. Depositing your trademark in the trademark register is therefore a must if you really want to protect your trademark.


The registration itself is a time-consuming and bureaucratic process. You can submit your application for trademark registration to the Benelux Office for Intellectual Property or the Office for Intellectual Property of the European Union.


If one opts for an international trademark registration, the application is submitted via the national office where a basic application or basic registration has been completed. The original national office then forwards the international application to theWorld Intellectual Property Organizationin Geneva.


The choice between different trademark registrations determines theterritorial scope of protectionthat your brand will subsequently obtain. The price tag of the registration also differs in the above three cases.


The experts at Mr. Franklin have extensive experience with all kinds of brand-related procedures. Based on our practical knowledge, we can advise you with regard to the desired scope of protection. This takes into account the available company resources and your personal preferences.

Brand Watch


After your trademark has been registered, it remains important to protect your trademark rightsto guard.

Defense of your brand


Via our subscription formula you can have us monitor every relevant trademark register once your trademark has been registered. If a new trademark is requested that is similar to your trademark, you will receive a message from us with abrief analysis and advice. You can then make an informed choice whether or not to act.

Copyright, design and design law, patent protection


As a law firm with aspecial expertise in IP lawwe are not only concerned with trademark law. The experts at Mr. Franklin have also gained extensive experience in all kinds of legal and practical aspects of copyright, design and design law and patent protection.


Each of these intellectual property rights has its own specifications and requires a well-thought-out and prepared strategy. onour websiteyou will find more information about our services with regard to all kinds of intellectual property rights.

contact us


As a law firm, we want to be close to our clients so that we can better understand their business and proactively assist them. Transparency about costs remains our priority: Mr. Franklin works with as much as possiblefixed rates and subscription formulasso you don't get any surprises.

Do you want apersonal adviceabout the legal aspect of your trademark and the registration options, do not hesitate to contact Mr. Franklin without obligation. Our experts are happy to help you.

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mr. Franklin provides us with excellent support in the field of legal IT assistance, GDPR, property law and financial disputes. Drive, speed, passion for the profession, correctness are just a few keywords that Mr. Franklin & their team type. 

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mr. Franklin always provides quality work for a clear price.

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