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ISO 27001 implementation assistance by Mr. Franklin


ISOcertification is an economical way to guarantee high-level information security within your company. Error-free guidance is essential during the certification process. So choose Mr. Franklin: with us you can count on optimal ISO 27001 implementation assistance.


Information Security Management System

Information Security Management System (ISMS), or information security management system, is a process of continuous improvement, taking a systematic approach to manage and secure data. The purpose of an ISMS is the advancement of information management and security.

An effective ISMS consists of specific control measures and procedures. These processes and measures are necessary toavailabilty,integrityandconfidentiality of datacontrol and guarantee within the company.

ISO 27001


ISO 27001 is an international standard in the field ofinformation security. The ISO 27001 standard describes how you, as an organization, can organize information security in a process-based manner in your company. By implementing ISO 27001 within your company, data security-related vulnerabilities are systematically addressed.

After the implementation of this internationally recognized standard, a company can be certified. TheISO 27001 certificateis, as it were, the “proof” of the technical competence in the field of information security. The successful completion of the certification process shows that as a company you are seriously and structurally engaged in data security and therefore also in the protection of personal data or sensitive information.


Why choose ISO 27001 implementation assistance from Mr. Franklin?


mr. Franklin is one of the few Belgian firms that guides companies in the context of ISO 27001 certification. Olivier Sustronck, one of the founders of Mr. Franklin, is onecertified lead auditor and implementerand can therefore help your company on the way to obtaining an ISO 27001 certificate. In addition, Mr. Franklin tooall-in-one GDPR formulas: this is how the processing of information data within your company is legally correct from A to Z.

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Our approach to ISO 27001 implementation


ISO 27001 can be seen as applying aprocess approachfor establishing, implementing, maintaining and continuously improving an information security management system. The steps below are followed by our team in the context of an ISO 27001 certification:

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During the initial phase, we take our timeget to know your company. We discuss various factors that play a role within the company. Attention is paid to thegoals and expectations of your organization, taking into account theavailable resources.

Often a company has already taken various organizational measures   in the field of data security. We map out all the steps you have already taken in the past. Once this initial phase has been completed, it will become clear to what extent the company is already ready for certification and what thepoints of work and improvementare.

Draw up an action plan


Based on the findings from the previous phase, an action plan is drawn up. We draw up astep-by-step plan and a division of taskson. This makes it clear which business processes need to be addressed, when this needs to be done and who is responsible for this.

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In this next phase, we set up the data security management system and the actual implementation of the ISO 27001 standard begins. Weto supportyour organization in taking measures, drawing up policy, planning and policies. In this phase, arisk analysisexecuted and we set aStatement of Applicabilityon. This statement contains an overview of the control measures that apply to your company.

Internal audit

An audit is a necessary step of theISO 27001 implementation. A regular assessment of the implemented measures ensures that the vulnerabilities of the system can be noticed more quickly. After the successful completion of the internal audit, the points for improvement can be addressed, so that ISO 27001 certification can then be achieved.

Any internal audit must be performed by a professional audit team. Thecertified lead auditor of Mr. Franklinis happy to carry out the internal ISO 27001 audit for you, which is necessary to obtain the ISO 27001 certificate.

Final goal: ISO 27001 certification

Once all the above phases have been completed and a discretion assessment has been completed, the company can opt for obtaining aISO 27001 certificate. The certification is not mandatory, but such a quality certificate is increasingly required in the context of tenders. In addition, the ISO 27001 certificate strengthens the image of the company.

The certification is performed by an external party, namely aaccredited certification body. These certification bodies check the standard requirements within your company. Singlesuch independentinstitutions issue certificates attesting to a successful ISO 27001 implementation.

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