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By theGDPR legislation, European citizens have more control over thepersonal datawhich they communicate and the subsequent onesprocessingof such data. While the protection of personal information is certainly necessary in our digital age, the newprivacy lawcomplications for entrepreneurs.

mr. Franklin helps your company take the necessary measures, so that you are and remain legally sound.



General Data Protection Regulation


TheGeneral Data Protection Regulation(GDPR, called General Data Protection Regulation in English) came into effect on May 25, 2018. This relatively new legislation is directly applicable as law in the member states of the European Union. National legislation can supplement the points where the GDPR indicated that this was possible.

The standards of data protection apply to allcompanies, associations and governmentsthat process personal data of private individuals.

What do GDPR standards mean?


GDPR standards cover the collection ofpersonal dataand the way in which this collected data is processed. This applies both to the digital processing of personal data and to the collection and processing of data on paper.

What are personal data?


Personal data is data aboutnatural living personwhich this person can become directly or indirectlyidentified. For example, think of an email, telephone numbers, IP address, etc.

Combinations of indirect factors also fall within the scope of the GDPR standards if they can lead to the identification of natural persons.

Special personal data

Special personal data contains information about 'sensitive' issues such as ethnic origin, political or religious opinions, etc. The processing of this 'sensitive data' are linked to stricter conditions, because processing them can seriously damage the privacy of those involved.

Public data


The rules of the General Data Protection Regulation may even apply to the processing of publicly disclosed personal data.

Suppose, for example, that someone discloses their data on social media. Although the person in question has voluntarily made his data public and accessible, this does not mean that he has given permission for other persons to store or use this data.

Processing of personal data


The term 'processing' is broadly defined by the legislature. It includes, among other things, the collection, recording, structuring and modification of the personal data. For a detailed explanation of the concept of “processing” in terms of privacy law, see theofficial websiteof the European Commission.

Because of this broad view, there is a very real chance that your company also processes personal data. In this case, certain conditions must be met: the processing must be based on a certainlegal basis. One also appliestransparency obligation.

The GDPR Regulation lists 6 limitative legal grounds on which data processing may be based:

  • Permissionof the data subject

  • The data processing is necessary for theperformance of the agreement

  • The data processing islegally required

  • The processing of personal data is necessary for the protection ofvital interestsof those involved

  • The processing takes place in thecommon interest

  • It is necessary to process the personal data for alegitimate interestto represent

Transparency obligation


GDPR legislation also imposes atransparency obligationto all companies and governments that process personal data. This transparency obligation means that the processing authority or company informs the data subjects in a transparent and comprehensible mannermust notifyof the processing. In addition, the communication must be made in clear and simple language.

Although the information about the processing of personal data can also be communicated orally to the data subjects, it is recommended to do so in writing. That way you immediately have itwritten evidencein case of any legal disputes.

The implementation of this transparency obligation is not always obvious. mr. Franklin is happy to advise and assist your company in these and many other legal issues related to GDPR regulations. We take a pragmatic and clear approachfixed prices. Already250+ companiespreceded you.

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Looking for an agency that helps you with your GDPR legislation?​


Are you looking for experts forGDPR legislation? At Mr. Franklin we have the right people who can help you.



If, as a company, you are not compliant with the new privacy legislation, the supervisory authority can give you a hefty finefineimpose: up to 4% of the annual turnover of your company.

At the moment there are by thedata protection authoritiesalready completed more than 10,000 procedures. The supervisory authorities are therefore very active in monitoring the data protection of European citizens.

Evidence provided by the company can also be rejected in the context of legal proceedings between the employer and the employee if it has been processed in violation of the GDPR rules.

So a manager would do well to do itprivacy policyof his company to comply with the GDPR standards so that the internal processing of personal data is legally correct.

How can Mr. Franklin help?


Companies that collect personal data must continue to ensure that regulatory standards regarding data protection are continuously respected. The possible complications that can be involved should not be underestimated. Moreover, the legislation is relatively often supplemented by important case law, which means that it remains important to keep your company's policy up-to-date.

mr. Franklin is happy to take over these legal concerns for you. We specialize in offering all kinds of GDPR services. Also stands Mr. Franklin for oneclear and pragmaticapproach in whichtransparency about costsis a top priority. We always strive for a personal approach, clear advice and fixed rates.



DPO stands forData Protection Officer. A DPO is an independent person who monitors compliance with the GDPR within a company.

In some cases, appointing a Data Protection Officer is mandatory. Discoverthis blog post from Mr. Franklinwhether such an obligation applies to your company.

As certified DPOs, Mr. Franklin dozens of companies at ifDPO at fixed prices. You can contact us for assistance in procedures before the Data Protection Authority (GBA), such as areporting a data breachor a procedure before the Disputes Chamber, as well as atprocedures before the court(for example, if you want to challenge the imposed sanctions).

DPIA audit​


If Mr. Franklin, we specialize in DPIA audits, among other things, in the field of privacy and cybersecurity. We provide concrete recommendations and a commercial document is drawn up that can be presented to customers.

You will find more information about our services related to DPIAin this blog post by Mr. Franklin.

All-in-one GDPR formulas

mr. Franklin offers all-in-one formulas for your companyGDPR proofto make. A privacy audit is used to map out the privacy policy and the processing of personal data in your organization, together with the infrastructure and security measures taken. The necessary documents are then drawn up and GDPR training can also be provided.

The approach is always consultative and pragmatic, with a lot of attention for thepreferences and needs of your company.

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mr. Franklin always provides quality work for a clear price.

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