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Intellectual Property Lawyer: What Can Mr. Franklin mean to you?


Intellectual propertyis often one of a company's most valuable assets. It is therefore particularly important to properly protect your IP. mr. Franklin explains in this post how a specialized lawyer can help you with that.


What are Intellectual Property Rights?


Intellectual Property Lawis the exclusive (often temporary) right associated with a creation of the human mind. This 'monopoly right' offers protection to man's industrial, literary or artistic creations. Think, for example, of the copyright of a video game or a patent on a certain industrial invention. Know-how, for example, is also protected by intellectual property law.

What intellectual property rights are there?


Intellectual rights have long been divided into oneroyaltyin a broad sense andindustrial intellectual property rights. Today, this award is no longer used in practice.

Procedures in the context of intellectual property law


There are specific legal complications associated with all categories of intellectual property rights. For example, you can only obtain an intellectual property right after thefulfill certain formalities.

For example, protecting a trademark is only possible after theregistrationof it. This does not apply to the company name, although other rules are involved. Such registration of a trademark, whether for itBenelux Office for Intellectual Property, the EU Intellectual Property Office, or for theWorld Intellectual Property Organization, is a delicate legal process and therefore requires thorough preparation. It may therefore be more practical for a company to follow this procedurespecialized lawyerto outsource.

Why are intellectual property rights useful?


The holder of an intellectual property right can prohibit anyone from using what this right refers to.

For example, a trademark owner (after having registered his trademark) can take action againstfakeand prohibit competitors from marketing products or services under a similar logo.

However, such legal proceedings can be very dangerousburdensome and time consumingare. Specialized lawyers can assist the company so that (possible) infringements are dealt with efficiently.

Why Mr. Franklin?​


We are a paying and reliable law firm that can help you in the best way possibleintellectual ownership.

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Role of lawyer in the context of intellectual property


mr. Franklin is a law firm specialized in intellectual rights. We assist our clients in thelegal frameworkof all sortsnew technologiesand innovations.

In addition, we also offer legal services related to information security (such as theimplementation of ISO27001 standard). It is therefore only logical that we ourselves use the latest technologies to protect your data (think of an end-to-end encrypted cloud or the blockchain applications). This is how Mr. Franklin not only on itlegal aspectof intellectual property, but also on theunderlying technology.

Also Mr. Franklin specialized inthe GDPR serviceandcyber security.

Trademark registration, follow-up & monitoring


mr. Franklin is happy to assist youthe registration of your trademark. Our experts can assist youboth before and after trademark registration. At Mr. Franklin, we not only have extensive experience in preparing and supervising theregistration procedure, but also in itguarding your brandafterwards. We work with subscription formulas so that you have a clear view of the costs from the start of our collaboration.

Also in case of ainfringementon your trademark rights or if you yourselfsued for an alleged infringementyou can contact us. mr. Franklin provides legal assistance in the event of (potential) disputes. Where possible, we always try to negotiate an amicable solution.

Copyright protection, author contracts & tax optimization


A copyrighted work often has not onlyfinancialbut also moral oremotional value. It is therefore essential to carefully consider copyright when entering into a contract. mr. Franklin has been able to build up extensive experience in thedrawing up author contracts in various sectors.

We are also happy to advise and assist you if you want to optimize your copyright from a tax point of view. With the right approach, you can be a creative professiongreat tax benefitenjoy with regard to your copyrights. You can read more about reducing the tax burden and any fixed deductionin this article by Mr. Franklin.

Registration of a drawing or model


To enforce an intellectual property right on a model or drawing, theregistrationof it required. mr. Franklin is happy to help you with the registration and defense of your design and drawing portfolio.

Apply for & protect patents


Apatenton an industrially applicable invention often constitutes one of the mostvaluable assetsof an enterprise. It is therefore also essential to legally protect all patents of the company.

mr. Franklin has particular expertise in patent law. We guide both the procedures for obtaining or protecting a patent and the negotiations that directly or indirectly relate to patents.You can find more information in this postabout our services.

Our approach


At Mr. We believe it is important to remain reachable and accessible at all times. Bright, clearcommunicationandtransparency about costsof our services are therefore also our priorities.

The focus of our services is mainly on your company, your expectations and your personal wishes. We are happy to ensure that your companyinnovative projects legally correctcan realize.

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mr. Franklin provides us with excellent support in the field of legal IT assistance, GDPR, property law and financial disputes. Drive, speed, passion for the profession, correctness are just a few keywords that Mr. Franklin & their team type. 

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mr. Franklin always provides quality work for a clear price.

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